A stay at Hotel Residens Møen offers pampering in beautiful surroundings in the heart of Stege on beautiful Møn. At the hotel we offer accommodation for everyday and celebration.

We have modern hotel rooms for two persons and hotel apartments and suites with room for up to 6 persons.

Check out this page and see what we have to offer.

Enjoy a stay at Hotel Residens Møen

  • Double rooms: 6
  • Hotel apartments: 18
  • Suites: 7
  • Green areas and a view of the water

Weekend stay

from 1.845,- pr. person

Golf stay

from 1.805,- pr. person

Bicycle stay

from 1.715,- pr. person

Family stay

from 1.495,- pr. person

Senior stay

from 1.460,- pr. person