At Café Residens Møen you eat well. Our menu is based on local ingredients and well-known classic dishes, with a contemporary visual expression and taste.

The menu is based on seasonal ingredients, naturally made from scratch in the hotel’s own kitchen.

We look forward to seeing you in our cozy and relaxed environment where hosting and good quality is our benchmark.

If you wish to dine at Hotel Residens Møen, you can book a table on +45 70 40 48 50 or email


A new interpretation of the shrimp cocktail

Hand peeled cold water shrimps, dill mayo, crispy heart salad, pickled white spring asparagus, and tomato consommé

99,- DKK

Rillette of smoked Danish mackerel

A delicate confit like cooking method giving an intense tast to the fish. Crisp rye bread, dill oil, edible flowers

89,- DKK

Fresh cold cauliflower soup

Chives, rye bread crumbs, fresh herbs

85,- DKK

Main courses

Today’s fish

(Ask the waiter)

250,- DKK

Boeuf bearnaise

250 gr Sashi rib-eye, coarse fries, home-stirred bearnaise, and green salad.

295,- DKK


Mushroom pie, herbs, cheese from the west coast of Jutland and fresh salad.

179,- DKK



Brioche bun, sashi beef steak, chef’s burger dressing, cheddar cheese, crispy heart salad, red onion, tomato. Served with coarse fries, including salad or chili mayo

140,- DKK


French sauté, peas, topped with a slice of lemon with a boneless herring, capers and horseradish. Served with butter sauce

195,- DKK

Children’s Plate

Meatballs, fries, vegetable sticks, and ketchup

85,- DKK


Homemade Rødgrød

The famous Danish homemade thickened red fruit juice. Organic double cream and sorrel

89,- DKK

Children’s ice cream

2 scoops of Møn Icecream

55,- DKK

Creme brulée

Sour coulis of forest berries

85,- DKK

Handmade cheese from Møn

Three sorts of cheese from Hårbølle Dairy, homemade crispbread and compote

95,- DKK


Salted nuts

35,- DKK