Residens Møen

About Hotel Residens Møen

About Hotel Residens Møen

Hotel Residens Møen is situated in the heart of Stege on the south Danish island of Møn – right on the Bay of Stege, visible from the 31 hotel rooms of Hotel Residens Møen. The rooms are available i several sizes, so both couples and families can have an overnight stay at Møn.

Furthermore Hotel Residens Møen has a beautiful café, where you will be treated like royalty at lunch and dinner time. Always enjoying food with local ingredients. Enjoy the violet hour, where time stands still over Hotel Residens Møen, while the sun sets over the Bay of Stege.

In addition, as a guest at Hotel Residence Møn you can turn on the light or open the heat with perfectly good conscience. Both power and heat is delivered by means of the sun’s rays. In 2013, the owners of Hotel Residens Møen built a solar park of about 3 hectares approximately 5 km outside Stege. Moreover Stege in 2015 District Heating built a 6 hectare solar thermal collector.

Both plants today supply energy to Hotel Residens Møenn, thus ensuring your good conscience, while staying with us.

We look forward to your visit, and we will make your stay with us worth while giving you a well-deserved break from the intensity of life.

We look forward to greeting you

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Christian and Brit

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