Hotel Residens Møen – Nyd roen ved Bøgestrømmen på Hotel Residens Møen

Welcome at Residens Møen

We would like to welcome you to the new holiday resort and conference centre at Møn located in the middle of the old, famous market town, Stege. 

The historical buildings are both charming and nostalgic. 

The red atrium courtyard, surrounded by the yellow facades and the red tile roof, gives a distinguished feeling of sunshine and warmth. 

The location of Residens Møen in the middle of Stege is very unique.

To the east, the idyllic Langgade with its characteristic joined houses leads the way to the Church of Stege and the wonderful, cozy town centre.

To the west, the garden of Residens Møen lies with a fantastic view of the Bay of Stege and the beautiful Queen Alexandrine Bridge from 1943. In the evening, a magnificent sunset can be seen over the bay. 

The building of Residens Møen was, as the sign above the door indicates, erected in 1703 on request from King Frederik IV of Denmark and used as a school for navigators. Since the school only managed to educate six chief officers in the course of twenty years, it was, however, shut down. Later the building became a penal institution for the upper class society. Stories from this period include stories on the lives of noble men as well as a princess, who all lived part of their lives in this building.  

It is not difficult to imagine the princess sitting behind one of the windows facing the Bay of Stege, dreaming of the life she never got to experience.

  • Your visit
    Lovely apartments and twin rooms.

  • Parties and Celebration
    Have your next party in light and pleasant surroundings and offer your guests to stay the night. 

  • Meetings
    Do you want your next meeting to be out of the ordinary?
    Please contact us for further information.

  • The Surroundings
    Residens Møen is located close to the Bay of Stege.
    The view and the lovely garden can be enjoyed with a glas of wine accompanied by bird song and the rush of the waves.